sulaïman majali
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Sulaïman Majali (b.1492/1771/1991/2042) is concerned with performance-led research in a thinking practice that plays with image, sculpture, sound and writing expansively. Considering art as an already thinking and speaking thing, Majali brings into play rupturing, grieving and dreaming as methodologies of collapse, fleeing towards poetic and conceptual strategies to undergo the liberatory in the neurodigital, psychospiritual, ontoepistemological or otherwise (already), anyway. Exhibitions and events include; THE FUTURE IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE FUTURES, part of Age of Many Posts expanded public programme, The Barbican, London, England (2022). ripe fruits before battle, part of breathe, spirit and life 呼吸、靈魂與生命, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, England (2022). Arab resting by a stream, part of Meet me at the threshold, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (2022). false dawn, a solo exhibition at Studio Pavillion for Glasgow International Biennial 2021. IMG_5917, produced with Camara Taylor, commissioned by Artists’ Moving Image Festival, GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW: PART 6, LUX Scotland, “online” (2021). assembly of the dispersed, part of The Internet of Things, Darat al-Funun, Amman, Jordan/”online” (2020). strange winds, a sound commission for The Common Guild’s In The Open (2020). a dream for scheherazade, EVERYTHING HAPPENED SO MUCH, 66th International Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany (2020). saracen go home, a solo exhibition at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (2019). something vague and irrational, Celine Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland (2019). Mene Mene Tekel Parsin, Wysing Arts Centre (2017). towards an archive, 8th Cairo Video Festival (2017).